Thank you for checking out sounds about riso .online! You can support us by purchasing prints made for and during the launch of sounds about riso .online:
-James Bascara’s print in Cornflower/Gold or Federal Blue/Orange .
-Natalie Andrewson’s Coast to Coast print made during a live draw & print with Zine Hug on risoTV.
-Lucky risograph’s Color Separation Anxiety print made during a live file separation workshop on risoTV.
A portion of sales will go to sounds about riso and the rest will go directly to the artist.
All funds raised will be used for expenses used to bring the gallery and events online. Any additional money raised will be used to keep running and to continuously curate more events on risoTV.
Every item purchased from the gallery is one entry into a raffle. Send a screenshot of your purchase from any participant to and you will be entered to win. Unlimited entries. Honor system!!!!!

3 entries will be selected and will receive:
1 certificate for twenty prints (max 2-color) printed by lucky risograph/Zine Hug + 2 sounds about riso .online prints by James Bascara in Cornflower/Gold and Federal Blue/Orange + 1 Coast to Coast live drawing print by Natalie Andrewson + 1 Color Separation Anxiety print by lucky risograph’s chuck kuan and Amanda Chung + 1 lucky risograph item of your choice + 1 Zine Hug item of your choice +


+ Presented and curated by lucky risograph (Amanda Chung, Chuck Kuan, Chris Lucero) and Zine Hug (Alex Barsky & Zack Lydon

* Website built by Ritu Ghiya

+ Website designed by chuck kuan and Ritu Ghiya

* Illustration & Animation by James Bascara

+ Animation support & sound by Alex Barsky

* Special thanks to Emily Bluedorn, Hana Massalski, and Lydia Sposaro who helped us with all the busy backend stuff! Shout out to all the artists, small press, and publishers, this wouldn’t have happened without you all <3