Cristhian Sabogal Answers...
What's your favorite riso color or color combo?
gold / black
Share 1-3 things about your technical process. (ie. how do you color separate?, how do you decide which colors, binding method, or paper to use?, is your process traditional, digital, or both?, if it's collaborative what does the back and forth look like?)
I try to focus on the concept or form over color or any technical specs so I often have to work back to separate layers and set it up for printing which is why most of my work ends up in black/white or 2 colors.
Share 1-3 things about your creative/conceptualizing process.
What did you have on your mind when you were working on this project/piece (or in general)? (ie. Does your work (this or other) relate to a particular current movement or concept?)
My usual starting point comes directly from using the tools and programs I use everyday and creating parameters for them that often lead to unexpected or "wrong" results. but this piece resulted from a combination of daily sketches i've been making during lockdown as a way to stay sane
Do you have any risograph-related tips and tricks you'd like to share?
don't overthink the technical aspects because it can bog you down but also have a good file structure and labeling system