Issue Press Answers...
What's your favorite riso color or color combo?
Fluorescent Orange & Light Teal
Share 1-3 things about your technical process. (ie. how do you color separate?, how do you decide which colors, binding method, or paper to use?, is your process traditional, digital, or both?, if it's collaborative what does the back and forth look like?)
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge is a book of illustrations by Clay Hickson that was printed and published by me (George) at Issue Press. Because I was not the artist, the production was inherently collaborative. This project originated with acquisition of Fluorescent Yellow ink, a great and weird color that remains frustratingly difficult to get in the United States. , , I asked Clay to create a series of images with the only stipulation that they include Fluorescent Yellow in some way, EGBDF is the result of that. The drawings are completely of Clay's creation, but we did have a back and forth about the colors (almost all fluorescent!), format, and binding. I, for example, screwed myself as the printer by suggesting that all of the drawings be 20" spreads.
What did you have on your mind when you were working on this project/piece (or in general)? (ie. Does your work (this or other) relate to a particular current movement or concept?)
For this question, I passed it on to Clay who responds- With this project I was trying to capture a certain feeling rather than convey an idea. The feeling that I wanted to evoke was simultaneously extremely specific and fairly vague. Specific in that it was based on stories that my dad has told me about living in LA in the seventies but vague because I can't quite pinpoint what it is about those stories that fills me with a nostalgia for a place and time that I never experienced. In a nutshell, I was thinking about 1970’s Los Angeles diner culture. Think Tom Waits or Gary Panter or Peewee Herman sitting at the counter eating pancakes and reading the paper on a Wednesday morning. That's the feeling I was chasing. It's something that I come back to often.”
Do you have any risograph-related tips and tricks you'd like to share?
The best advice I can give is to become a serious student of prepress. All of the magic is in the prepress.