Jocelyn Tsaih Answers...
Share 1-3 things about your technical process. (ie. how do you color separate?, how do you decide which colors, binding method, or paper to use?, is your process traditional, digital, or both?, if it's collaborative what does the back and forth look like?)
I usually do color separation digitally since it's easier to create layers that way. I often base my color choices off of combinations that I've seen and liked from other artists' zines or prints. Since I rarely do my own riso printing, it's usually a collaborative effort to pick the paper and binding method! I love the process of picking paper and usually try to feel/see a sample of it in real life. I pick the binding technique depending on the number of pages and size of the piece!
Share 1-3 things about your creative/conceptualizing process.
It usually takes me a while to work out an idea in my head. I have to sit with it for a good amount of time to really think it through. When I feel like I'm ready, I'll start to sketch it out to visualize the concept. After that it doesn't take too long to refine and finalize the image since my style is pretty simple and graphic. Most of the energy and time is spent on conceptualizing it in my head at the beginning!
What did you have on your mind when you were working on this project/piece (or in general)? (ie. Does your work (this or other) relate to a particular current movement or concept?)
This book is a collection of drawings that I made during my residency at Almost Perfect Tokyo last year. I was reflecting on the subject of "belonging" during my time there. The drawings are my interpretations of my thoughts on the matter as well as the experiences others had shared with me.
What is something that you would like to say to anyone reading this right now?
Hang in there!