Lil WeTransfer Answers...
What's your favorite riso color or color combo?
Share 1-3 things about your technical process. (ie. how do you color separate?, how do you decide which colors, binding method, or paper to use?, is your process traditional, digital, or both?, if it's collaborative what does the back and forth look like?)
Lil WeTransfer is a very chill collaborative venture. We work across mediums, though most work is born as a digital sketch. The collaborative nature is totally free-form—sometimes this means we bounce a PSD back and forth, sometimes we have a conversation and one of us builds out the idea. There are no real set approaches or ways of working!
Share 1-3 things about your creative/conceptualizing process.
A lot of our ideation begins as “What if...” statements. That’s really how all of this began. “What if we DJ’d a friends party?” “What if we made merch?” “What if we snagged a college radio spot?”
What did you have on your mind when you were working on this project/piece (or in general)? (ie. Does your work (this or other) relate to a particular current movement or concept?)
This poster came from a drop we imagined for our live sets, “We are us, who are you?” It’s nonsensical and a riff on the “We” of our moniker.
Do you have any risograph-related tips and tricks you'd like to share?
Don't try to buy obsolete 20 year old risographs from craigslist
What is something that you would like to say to anyone reading this right now?
We are us, who are you?