Riso Hell Answers...
What's your favorite riso color or color combo?
Orchid and Orange
Share 1-3 things about your technical process. (ie. how do you color separate?, how do you decide which colors, binding method, or paper to use?, is your process traditional, digital, or both?, if it's collaborative what does the back and forth look like?)
My work often samples printed imagery which I separate with custom cmyk profiles or break apart into spot channels. The ink colors are dictated by the subcultures or aesthetics I’m discussing. I tend to use smooth papers like Mohawk Via Smooth or Domtar Cougar to minimize dot gain.
Share 1-3 things about your creative/conceptualizing process.
My work documents the shifting subcultures and aesthetic trends that travel from Tumblr to Instagram, to TikTok. I spend a lot of time scrolling and buying source material on eBay.
What did you have on your mind when you were working on this project/piece (or in general)? (ie. Does your work (this or other) relate to a particular current movement or concept?)
Juicy Couture
Do you have any risograph-related tips and tricks you'd like to share?
Interval 3, Speed 4, Density 4
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Q- What are you working on next? A- The follow up publication to Teenage Witch, titled E-Girl.