We Are Us. Who Are You?, a print by Lil WeTransfer.
Drums on Paper - Collector's Edition, a print by Various Artists published by Authorized to Work in the US Press.
Hot Dog, a print by Max Stadnik published by Tiny Splendor .
Spicy XXXX 짬찌 맵다 , a print by Taehee Whang.
Urgency Reader 2, a zine by Paul Soulellis (editor) & 110 contributors published by Queer.Archive.Work.
Idols, a zine by Max Pepper published by Max Pepper.
Executive Information Packet Journal, a zine by Zine Hug.
Inside Joke, a zine by Hannah Antalek published by lucky risograph.
TXTreader Volume 2, a zine by Sally Thurer, Scott Gelber, Mitchell Lyne, Luiza Dale, Mel Nguyen, Paige Landesberg, Jacob Simon, Benfield, & Gabriella Cossens published by TXTbooks.