Neta Bomani
Groundhog Day–The Killing of Bonita Carter
“Groundhog Day– The Killing of Bonita Carter” excavates part of the history of Black people’s resistance to state violence (specifically policing). It’s often said that few people rally around the injury or death of Black women to demand justice. Yet the truth is that there are examples that contradict this assertion. The resistance varies in scale and impact and it is sometimes hidden from our view. However, where there is injustice, you will also find some resistance especially led by Black women. Groundhog Day is a collaboration by Mariame Kaba and neta bomani.
Any funds given in exchange for this zine will be go towards mutual aid fund organized by the New York chapter of Survived & Punished. Sliding scale with a suggested donation of $20. Email screenshot of donation to Survived & Punished mutual aid fund for digital download.
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4.25" x 11" / Riso colors used: Brown and green / Irrelevant Press / 2020